An Invitation


As I continue to explore the family history and tease out more information and become more familiar with ways of using the records I hope that I become better and more cautious about how to interpret them. A problem is that I am now reaching the stage where the information becomes unmanageable and it is more difficult to write an account which is going to be vaguely interesting and coherent for someone who has only a passing interest in the McNamara family. This is the latest effort which organises the material on a web site in a manner which may be of interest to some family members now or in the future.

I invite forthright and obnoxious critical comments and suggestions about whether what I am writing holds any interest for anyone and how it could be improved. Please correct errors and add additional information that you have.


 What Next


 Once one starts looking at family history the possibilities for development are exponential and one has to decide where to stop and start trying to collate what has been found. I have limited this account to direct ancestors with a few ‘branch’ additions which I think may be of interest.

For instance one could take any of the siblings and families of our direct ancestors and try and trace their stories and discover what became of them. Also I assume that in the future records will become more comprehensive and more easily available. Before too long the 1921 Census should become available; it will provide fascinating reading.

Anyone want to have a go?