Mayor Gray and Forebears



Information about William Matthew Gray

From:  The Changing Faces of St Clements and East Oxford, Book One, by Susanne Shatford and Trevor Williams, Robert Boyd publications, 1997.



Alice Maude Gray’s Forebears


I have been able to collect information about many of Alice Maude Gray’s forebears. To aid anyone who wishes to investigate this family line in the future I have attempted  to bring together in summary form the basic information that I can discover about our maternal grandmother’s forebears. In a few instances I have had to use my judgement to reconcile some slightly contradictory sources but they do not affect the general picture.


1 William Gray

B 1690 est   D 1767 poss   Parents unknown

M Mary B unknown D either 1750 or 1760   Origins unknown


2 William Gray            yeoman farmer

B 1715 Chargrove   D 1796 Chalgove   Son of William Gray (1)

M Ann King (8)       1743 Oxford

They had eight children, William (3) was their fourth


3 William Gray            yeoman farmer

B 1750 Chargrove   D 1804 Chargrove   Son of William Gray (2)

M Ann Newell (11) 1794 Chalgrove

They had five children, Thomas (4) was the youngest


4 Thomas Gray            carpenter and wheelwright

B 1804 Chargrove   D 1858 Great Milton   Son of William Gray (3)

M Ann Coventry / Smith (19) 1831 Chalgrove

They had seven children, Matthew (5) was their fourth


5 Matthew Gray            carpenter, joiner, builder

B 1834 Little Haseley   D 1899 Cowley   Son of Thomas Gray (4)

M Harriet Quartermain (23) 1857 Waterstock

Great grandfather of David Frank Ian Hugh


6 Matthew King

B 1680 Chalgrove   D 1740 Chalgrove   Son of Thomas King and Mary no details

M Margaret Smallbone (7) 1712 New College Oxford                                            of either

They had four children, Ann (8) was their second


7 Margaret Smallbone

B 1690 est   D 1742 Steventon   Parents unknown

Wife of Matthew King (6)


8 Ann King

B 1716 Chalgrove   D 1774 poss   Daughter of Matthew King (6)

Wife of William Gray (2)



9 John Newell

B 1690 Farnham   D 1753 Adwell   Parents unknown

M Ann Chandler (12) 1722 est

They had twelve children, Joseph (10) was their fourth


10 Joseph Newell

B 1732 Aston Rowant   D 17778 Adwell   Son of John Newell (9)

M Dennis Hill (15) 1765 Thame


11 Ann Newell

B 1768 Charlgrove   D 1823 Chalgrove   Daughter of Joseph Newell (10)

Wife of William Gray (3)


12 Ann Chandler

B 1693   D 1779 Adwell   Parents unknown

Wife of John Newell (9)


13 John Hill

B 1711 Thame   D unknown   Parents unknown

M Dennis Hunt (14) 1741 Thame


14 Dennis Hunt

b 1715 Thame   D unknown   Parents unknown

Wife of John Hill (13)


15 Dennis Hill

B 1743 Thame   D unknown   Daughter of John Hill (13)

Wife of Joseph Newell (10)


16 Thomas Coventry

B 1730 est   D unknown   Parents unknown

M Elizabeth Foley   No further details


17 John Coventry

B 1752 Chinnor   D 1812 Chalgrove   Son of Thomas Coventry (16)

M Martha Putt 1780 Chislehampton   Martha D 1831 Chalgrove no other details


18 Mary Coventry

B 1788 Chalgrove   D 1851 Chargrove Daughter of John Coventry (17)

M John Smith (20) 1808 Chalgrove

They had eight children, Mary Ann (19) was the eldest


19 Mary Ann Coventry/Smith

B 1808 Chalgrove   D 1875 Great Milton   Daughter of John Smith (20)

Wife of Thomas Gray (4)


20 John Smith

B 1785   D unknown   Parents unknown

M Mary Coventry (18) Chalgrove

The Quartermain Line

21 Richard Quartermain

B 1764 Great Milton   D unknown  Son of T Quartermain B Littlemore and Ann

M Elizabeth Hood (24) 1788 Great Milton


22 William Quartermain             Wheelwright

B 1798 Little Milton   D 1845 Thame   Son of Richard Quartermain (21)

M Elizabeth Hony (27) 1821 Stadhampton


23 Harriet Quartermain

B 1833/4 Great Milton   D 1879 Headington   Daughter of W Quartermain (22)

Wife of Matthew Gray (5)

Great grandmother of David Frank Ian Hugh


24 Elizabeth Hood

B 1766 Little Milton   Daughter of Richard Hood and Elizabeth origins unknown

Wife of Richard Quartermain (21)


25 John Hony

B 1761 poss   D 1825 poss   Parents unknown

M Elizabeth (26) 1787 Newnham Murren


26 Elizabeth nee Hony servant

Origins unknown

Wife of John Hony (25)


27 Elizabeth Hony

B 1799/1800 Steventon/Shillingford   D 1863 Thame Daughter of John Hony (25)

Wife of William Quartermain (22)




A word of caution for anyone who decides to pursue an interest in the family history in the future. Different close branches of the extensive Gray clan lived in close proximity to one another and some of the same Christian names run in different branches; it can be confusing. Both Chalgrove and Thame were registration districts as well as villages and Thame extended over into Berkshire. A life event registered in Chalgrove or Thame does not necessarily indicate the location of the parish church where it took place. For the sake of consistency I have used the modern spelling Chalgrove but alternative spellings are Chargrove and Charlgrove.