During the past few years I have been collecting information about our family and its history. All the information that I managed to acquire about the family story was originally printed as a paper document. This material plus information that I have discovered since is now  made available on these web pages. Briefly, the web site provides information about the history, forebears and families of Henry Pearson McNamara (b 1910 Bishop Aukland, County Durham, d 2002 Harrogate) and his wife née Alice Muriel Stringer (b 1910 Lanchester, County Durham, d 2002 Harrogate). They also provide some  historical contexts for the family story.
The story continues to evolve and more  historical evidence and supporting pictures, maps, diagrams and so on are added from time to time.
If other  members of the family wish to add to, correct,  or enlarge upon the information collected thus far please let me know.
The significant majority of the illustrative and supplementary materials will enlarge if ‘clicked’. Try the photograph. 





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FAMILY STORY 1    Introduction    McNamaras    Waterhouses    Pearsons and Raeburns    Henry McNamara’s Parents
FAMILY STORY 2    Stringers    Stanilands    Arthur’s Adult Life    Grays    Gray Roots    Gray Reflections    Henry and Muriel
FURTHER INFORMATION    Picture Gallery    Family Trees    Family Myths    Quartermain Origins     Mayor Gray & Forebears    Pupil Teachers
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Grateful thanks to:
Duncan McNamara at http://www.illustratedpeople.com/ for  demonstrating a real interest in developing this web site and arranging for its initial design.
Ian McNamara at http://iamkohchang.com/ for advice about web layout and instructing me in the some of the mysteries of Word Press.